Be sure you get your vehicle license renewed and delivered to you every year. No more concerns about missed deadlines for traffic fines.

No more missed deadlines for license disc renewals. No more worries about expired driving license cards.

Licensure will remind you of, and assist with all of these. Licensure is available to commercial fleet owners, small fleet owners and single vehicle owners.

Traffic fines

AARTO fines follow strict guidelines, timeframes and costs.
Once a deadline is missed, and the fine is not paid, specific steps are taken by RTIA and these steps all cost you extra money.

The final step is an Enforcement Order issued, at which point, the vehicle used committing the infringement and the person committing the
infringement is blocked on e-NaTIS. This means that driving license cards and vehicle license discs cannot be renewed.

The aim of Licensure, in conjunction with our associated companies, is to save you, the road user and our client, that additional cost,
time and frustrations.

Licensure gives you peace of mind, whether you are a fleet owner, or the owner of a single vehicle.

  • Receive notification of fines issued in real time
  • Maximize savings for on-time payment of fines
  • Avoid Courtesy Letters and Enforcement Orders
  • Avoid blockages on e-NaTIS

Vehicle License Disc Renewal

Licensure came up with an innovative way to
assist our clients with the annual vehice license

Instead of paying one amount, which no-one
provides for, once a year, we include the cost of
the license and the service and delivery fees, in an
easy to budget for, and an affordable monthly

Simply have a look at the tare weight of your
vehicle, look at the table and see how much our
product will cost you.

Driving License Card Expiry

Licensure will remind you of the pending expiry of your driving
license card.

For a small additional fee, we will make an appointment for you to do the renewal.

Saving you the frustration and time of having to battle to find a renewal slot.